Star Rip Image Processor



General Features

– Can open any number of images & auto arrange on one click.
– Auto paneling for big images.
– Fast rotate & resize.
– Easy resize with mouse drag.
– Fast opening of images-1 GB in almost 1 sec.
– Fast saving of images
– Powerful color management.
– Auto tiling & spacing between images.
Page Setting Features :
– Easy drag and drop images.
– Edit images. (Rotate image in [900 , 1800 , 2700], Apply curve for change color information, and create extra copies of same image).
– Cropping, Color Curves.
– Runtime page size change.

Printing Features
– Fast image preview & progress preview for printing & ripping.
– Feathering
– White skip
– Print any number of copies.
– Runtime media motor adjustment.
– Three speeds level.
– Full printer control panel for X-Y movement vaccum, head test, purge & other printer functions.
– Powerful print queue functions with pause between prints.
– Can Print Larger TIFF Images (Up to 40GB)
– Printing with Linear Encoder or rotary Encoder Options Available
– User can able to save setting in file / Load Setting from File…
– Easy head alignment setting with graphical view
– Add & edit media types.
– Add and Edit ICC Profile, Intent for Each Media Type for every pass
– Add ICC Profile & various setting for different media types.
– Easy alignments for Head Bracket, Printing and Media Motor Adjustments With different speed

– Maintaining printed area record from installation date
– Maintaining printed area record from date set by user
– Maintaining Today’s Printed Area record
– Control Head Temperature and VTrim from Software.

Image Processing
– Colour curves.
– Saturation
– Fast colour conversions-RGB to CMYK & CMYK to RGB using ICC profiles.
– Has ICC color profiles


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