Wallpaper Printing

Features :

1. New carriage extrusion with double bearing slides for good stability.
2. New aluminum carriage and head bracket extrusion for better print accuracy.
3. More pinch rollers for good media grip.
4. New special hard alloy timing pulleys.
5. Three side covered Linear encoder for better dust protection.
6. Optional Rotary encoder and easy shift from linear to rotary via software.
7. New Blue color solvent proof body paint.
8. New big 6 micron filter for better ink flow rates.
9. New improved air dryer channel and media heater.
10. Vacuum and Purge head cleaning options.
11. LED Light illuminated printing area.
12. New 5th Generation Electronics with more features and head voltage control via software.
13. Supports new Star Rip image processor 3.2 and above.
14. High speed bidirection USB 2.0 interface.

Quality Parts

Pico Jet Proton Plus Specifications :

Resolution Maximum Interpolated Resolution 740 DPI
Colors Maximum 16.7 million colors
Heads KM 1024
Speed Speed in 2 pass 1000 sq.ft/hr & Speed in 3 pass sq.ft/hr
Rip StarRip Image Processor mfg. by Macart
Media Width 78″
Print Width 72″
Media Type Canvas, Wallpaper, Door laminate, vinyl, clear vinyl
Ink Pigment Based Solvent Inks
Interface USB 2.0
Power Requirement 250 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
Power consumption Max 450 W
Machine heater Max 1200 W