Pico Impact KM512/KM512i

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Features :

1. Very High speed & High Quality Printing with advanced Macart electronics and Macart’s Star RIP software.
2. Low noise linear bearing with new advanced caged bearing blocks.
3. Powerful AC servo motor for high speed carriage motion.
4. Powerful media griper for precise media displacement,
5. Controlled media suction for accurate printing.
6. Two zone media heating- Pre & amp: Post.
7. Two fan channels for faster drying of print(For Km512i &amp:1024 only).
8. Dual control panel – software and printer.
9. LED light illuminated printing area.
10. Enhanced colors by advance Rip software.
11. Easy media roll loading from bottom.
12.Swing bar type Media releaser for sticky media.
13. Gravity ink feeding.
14. Teflon ink tubing for life upto 20 years &amp:  long head life.
15. Hard aluminum alloy timing pulleys for long life.
16. German belts.
17. Macart manufactured cable drag chain for smooth and long life.
18. Extremely low power consumption.
19. Power failure printing continuation function.
20. Many ICC color profiles available for various media’s.
21. Solvent resistant paint.
22. Compact body.
23. More than 70% Aluminum body for very long life.
24. Made in India Electronics, easy to maintain and repair.

Quality Parts

Resolution Maximum 1440
Colors Maximum 16.7 million colours
KM512i 4head 2400 sqft/hr in 1 pass, 1200 sqft/hr in 2 pass.
KM512 4 head 900 sqft/hr in 1 pass, 450 sqft/hr in 2 pass.
KM1024 4 head 2000 sqft/hr in 1 pass, 1000 sqft/hr in 2 pass.
Speed KM512i 8head – 4800 sqft/hr in 1 pass, 2400 sqft/hr in 2 pass.
Rip Star Rip Image Processor mfg. by Macart
Media Width 130″ / 78″
Print Width 125″ / 72″
Media Type Flex, Backlit flex, vinyl, clear vinyl, canvas
Ink Pigment based solvent ink
Interface USB 2.0
Power Requirement 250 VAC, 50Hz single phase
Power consumption Max – 450 W
Machine Heater 900W & 1000 W for IR heater.